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Milly had always wondered what a drunk Paramachina would look like. Well now she had her answer. It looked liked a normal one. Which was not good considering the three bottles she had downed trying to get Guillo drunk were starting to remind her they weren't downed with impunity.
Now I see the drawbacks of having half of your body made of machina. You have half as much blood to dilute the alcohol in. And considering that, her resilience was impressive, a deed worthy of being remembered in song. Probably along with those she had learned in the barracks of the dark service when she had snuck in as a child.
"What's wrong Milliarde?"
Milly forced herself to get a grip on her rather traitorous senses, and to look at Guillo in the eyes. Well, holes. This fight definitely wasn't even, with apparently uneffective alcohol, and the absence of eyes to read. All her spy training she had harassed her father for couldn't even pay off.
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Yesterday, while going on a walk to pick strawberry's in the woods, Some crazy psycho tried to kidnap me -_-'
i JUST arrived at my destination, which was the end of the suburban area, at 4:30 AM leading to a road into the woods, i was walking the straight road
(it was straight so you could still see me from the main suburban road), And i noticed a black van slowly i decided to walk closely near the tree line and i looked, and they began driving up the road i was on, and as soon as i went closer to the woods, they Sped up!, real fast trying to catch up to me! >_<
-So i bolted into the woods/really overgrown field) and i was running and running with my dog through thornbushes and followed the woodline
(lol, cause i Thought if i just went to my destination, which was a lake not far from there that if i waited two hours they'd leave...) -so then, it was two/3 hours and i decided to leave and follow an overgrown trail leading back to the middle of the tree-ridden overgrown field...and i came to the road again, turned the corner
(which my instincts were saying they might've waited that whole time BUT YET AGAIN, I didn't listen to my feeling and then....The van was there!, i looked, trying to see through their black-tinted window to see if they were in there...but then i had the feeling i should Run!, so i darted into the field on the other side of where they thought i was, i heard their van start up. and after a while of trying not to make too much noise since the trees were small, i Finally made it out of there!, and into another part of the suburban place.
Thankfully, (since it was around 730 AM), there were lots of parents out waiting with their kids for the i didn't feel too scared. and i made my way back home, after i picked a few strawberry's, ofcourse~.

Eugh...this is totally a possible rival of fear of the Other time people tried to kidnap me, which was when in the winter, back where i used to live, 4/or5 skiiers chased me through deep snow for hours.
I'm just glad, that i have 'the holy spirit' on my side to protect me...even i i shrug it off a lot, i still come out alive.
The people here, in my new town may be much kinder, But there's still a lot of sick fecks out there...this has been like...the 12th or so time people had tried to kidnap me...
this is Why i much prefer an encounter with a bear, than with a human.
i really hope this doesn't effect my dislike for humans even more :(

it's sad that i've gotten used to people trying to kidnap me and how common it is, even in Canada, but i hope to someday be able to help crack-down on people that do that...i mean...who The Hell would wanna hurt a child anyway?!, those sick bastards.

well, on Other news, the van matches a description of one in the town over that tried to steal other woman lately, my mom found out.

ALSO, even though i may be a little sad that that happened, i feel quite happy too :)
i did get away, and i got strawberry's too!.

i have a few sonic-y drawings i'd like to get to color sometime when i have longer access to the computer, and i am getting my allergy test done again sometime soon aswell.
My birthday is coming up soon!, and i'm getting a ps4 when i save my money up, cause though we are poor, sonic forces...well, anything sonic-y in general, makes me so happy!.
Ooh!, i just gotta know what Shadow is doing and what his motives are!, i feel like a worried mother kinda XD. lol, the voice's are a bit off for the characters, but i guess they aren't gonna change it anygame soon. i miss Charmy, Silver, Amy and Shadow's original voices cause they didn't sound...odd, but OMG THE Game looks so Awesome!
:excited: i love a good story!!!, i must see it to the end!
Tails!, Collab ^_^
Oh my!, look at me, i have come So far in so little time! :)
~And i have loosened up while i was away, i dun leveled up! ...Wuhah!
 Fool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] 
Tri-shield Collab Status: success! 
Holy, i've been gone for a while now on heat-leave haven't i? O_0
Well i got a fan yesterday, so now i can be back and junk. i don't have a clock or calender, and my mom uses the computer i Seriously don't know how long i've been gone from yeah...i'll be around,  :) Once, ofcourse, that i have some stuff and some things planned~


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