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I've only started learning to draw when i got DA...So i don't ever really know what i'm gonna do, or what style i'm gonna try.
My skill varies, cause i lack it...But i'm not gonna cry about it. ^~^

i'm learning how to draw each sonic character Individually, so i know How to draw them. I am making quite the progress! :)


Blue and Red Roses
Ahh, Amy was difficult to color, But it is all worth it in the end :)
After all, i did wanna learn how to draw her, And i did! ^_^
i drew the roses after wild roses, That's why they're yellow in the middle~


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DashKnife-edge Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! :wave:
I just wanted to thank you for this favorite.
I invite you to visit my gallery. I have opened commissions, and if you help me spread my work, I may make free drawings for you. :)
Tri-shield Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*jumps over to say "hi" *

What's up? It's been awhile.
Are you keeping busy? 
i-like-it-a-lot Featured By Owner Edited Apr 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Oh yeah ^_^ relatively busy~

*updated* (lol, unless you already read my long blabber)

well, i'm not in a stupid mood anymore :D
i think my headache was causing me to be all grumpy.
i feel great!, and i'm getting a lot of stuff done!.
~Still practicing though, but i'm getting somewhere~~~

Thank you SO much for stopping by!, it means a lot to me!
~and also was part of what put me in a better mood~

So, how's your day going? you do'n good?, how's that there game ya'll are play'n?
Y...You happy with the AwEsOmE sonic forces news? ^W^

XD i'm currently trying to get ALL the gold medals in sonic 06~
OH BOY!, Will it ever be something!
~but that's what youtube is for~
Cause i'm one of those ''100%'er'' people,
and before i delete the game to make room for my other ones on my ps3, (cause it's only a 12 gigabyte one), i MUST completely Complete it!!! *runs off doing a war cry*

Tri-shield Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Yeah, I read it I was busy yesterday with
Passover otherwise I would have responded XD)

Moods come and go, I'm glad I put you in a better mood
though, I mean what are friends for. :D But yes Headaches
are horrible. I was getting some wierd ones that just hurt 
for a few seconds then dissappear. I don't know why, :/

Today is one of those days where I don't want to move, but
overall I've been doing great, just waiting for the rain to pass
and Summer to come, but it's taking forever. (I'm trapped with
all my siblings heeeeeellllllppp!!)

Breath of the Wild is awesome! I'm not sure how familiar
you are with the Ledgand of Zelda series, but this is becoming 
one of my faves. :D

As for Sonic Forces, I can't say I'm super excited. I don't like
how the wisps are going to be used as the boost mechanic,
Plus I fear there will be a lot of 2D. I liked playing the 2D games
for playing 2D games and 3D for 3D, I don't like how they are
combining 2D and 3D like this. I prefer to keep it separate. So
I'm not super hyped for the game play, I hope the story is better
then lost worlds. XP

I never tried getting all the medals, it just seemed like too much
work . XD But go, 100% it if it makes you happy!
i-like-it-a-lot Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Student General Artist
Getting all the medals is so hard!, Especially with sonic and his mach speed stages...
Ahh, what have i gotten myself into?!
lol, good thing for youtube >_>
i don't think i'd be able to do it without it. some are Super hard to find! :o

lol, the air raid sirens in sonic forces freaked me out XD 
i thought they were real for a second~
Oooh, but it adds to the drama!.

lol, yeah :p i really do miss the full 3Dness. Hehee, the only 2D/3D game i own is generations, but it still bothers me~
 i LOVE to explore!, and it's hard to do that in a 2D space, and i guess they don't spend time planting little things to find anymore. But So long as the game doesn't go all kiddy and force me to go fast, Then i'm hyped!. also, i hate being scripted. that's why i love the STH game, cause i get to do what i want, When i want!...unless i'm timed~
i dunno who that 'new' character guy is, but oooh!, i'm excited, and skeptical~
lol, they're still obsessed with green hill zone, but who knows...they MAY have something planned... 
After all, in generations, in that one cutscene, 'classic' sonic DID move in 3D...
This is, afterall the ''sonic fixing year'', so i think sega is doing whatever they can, (or trying to) to fix their past mistakes, especially story wise :) 
i think we're in for a real treat!~~~

*shakes fist* Arr!, sega!, why u hide things?!.
heh, i guess it does add to how excited I am.
it's like they're dangling food infront of me, and only giving me a taste at a time...i just...i just...need more news!, i'm starved!
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